Saturday, October 25, 2014

Community Discussion About the Future of HOWL

 Community Discussion about the future of HOWL at the FLETCHER FREE LIBRARY in Burlington
HOWL (Huntington Open Women's Land) will be hosting a community forum called HOWL IN THE 21st CENTURY.
Come learn about the amazing history of this unique women's land, and the remarkable women who founded it in the mid 1980's.
Generate new interest energy and ideas to inform future plans for HOWL.
Facilitated by Sue McCormack

Community spirit

Call Crow at 802-598-5868 for more information or email

(And while you're at, it would be wonderful if you could write me a little blurb about what HOWL means to you -- how it has touched you, inspired you, made you laugh ....  I'll compile your thoughts and present them at our gathering.)

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