Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow! Happy New Year!

Almost 30" of new snow in the last week up here at HOWL up on Crouching Lion Mountain in Vermont.

Today, the sun shines, glistening on the meadows. Deer trails zig-zag across the field near the pond and the Sundance pasture looks like a moonscape. Chick-a-dees are out calling to each other and all the farm critters are munching hay and playing in the snow. We are keeping the home fires burning and watching the icicles grow longer and longer. Winter is truly upon us here at Howl.

Laura spent time laying in some snowshoe trails, working on 1/2 mile, 1 mile and 2 mile loops around the property to deliver as many scenic vistas possible. When finished, the trails will encompass part of the Catamount Trail, some of the Wundekind Bike Trail, as well as HOWL trails leading up the Catamount Trail and up to Grandmother Tree. There are several beautiful stream crossings

It's gorgeous up here with all the snow. Come on up and take a snowshoe around the land. Happy New Year!!

Orange, the wayward pig

Icelandic lambs enjoying organic winter hay

The bees...battened down for the winter

Massey Ferguson...parked for the winter

Dervo and the chickens

The Shepherdess and her sheep

Micio...the snow cat!