Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road Repairs at HOWL

HOWL Grounds Coordinator, Vanessa, works with the town to correct drainage problems on the HOWL property and around the town road. Yogi, the Road Foreman, brought up his big excavator/backhoe and dump truck to clean out all the ditches. They dumped new gravel and re-graded the parking area.

HOWL is the last house on a town maintained, dead-end road. Spring 2011 storms combined with the destructive fury of Tropical Storm Irene last year caused major road damage. We hope to see radical improvement in the drainage around the parking area, walkway and house site.

Thanks, Vanessa!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

HOWL Land Day

Thanks to all the wonderful women who showed up for the HOWL Land Day. It was a gorgeous day with lots of sun and beautiful fall colors.

Most of the rest of the old tin roofing material was pulled out to be hauled away, gardens were cleaned up, the trail to Grandmother Tree was re-marked and the land was posted for the upcoming hunting season.