Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Shoeing Catamount Trail from HOWL

What an incredible day. Sarah's hiking club met at HOWL and a group of us strapped on our shoes and headed out for the woods and the Catamount Trail. Sarah was on cross country skis and what a work out she got!

The sun was beautiful, the birds were out. We saw tracks galore...deer, squirrel, bird, but most interesting was the coyote trail we crossed coming back. It definitely looked like a pack had passed behind us when we went back through, with a male freshly marking a stump. Probably the pack we've heard on occasion yipping as it passes across the land.

Mark your calendar for the full moon hike February 18th!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

From -22 to +80

Last week the mice went subnivian, the thermometer went subzero (-22), and Annie used her sublime buildings coordinator skills to rescue the pipes.

This morning, the mercury hit 80 in the sun. Winter in Vermont--go figure.

Ember the ram soaks in some rays.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wonderful womyn gathered at HOWL to celebrate 23 years since the incorporation of the non-profit that owns and provides stewardship of HOWL. It was a festive occassion with snowshoes, skiing, live music, fabulous food, wonderful desserts, her-story telling, and a silk screening using the original silk screen created for HOWL from years gone by. Archival documents, newletters, brochures, fundraising flyers, photo albums and guest books were on display and available for viewing. A number of "original" Howlers were present for the event as well as a number of HOWL "first-timers". It was a great event. Thanks to all who helped put it on and to all who participated.

Happy Birthday, HOWL!


a'fiddlin' and a'strummin'

the artist at work...

The beautiful, original HOWL fundraiser logo created by Oak...

We all got to take one home...