Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Girl Who (did not!) Kick the Hornet's Nest

Just before moving the sheep to a new paddock, Laura and Vanessa discovered a hornet's nest in the bushes. With detailed instructions from Annie, our resident beekeeper who is recovering from a double knee replacement, Laura braved the wrath of the hornets to remove their nest from the paddock.

Here are some of the instructions:

Think about every spot a bee could get in to sting you and cover that spot.
Always move slowly!
Don't panic!
Smoke them gently and then observe.
If they start pinging your face mask, back off slowly.
Remember: Be Zen, you are One with the Bee!

With bee gloves, hat and double layers of clothing, Laura, praying silently "you are one with the bee", gently smoked the yellow devils and then watched as they came out at first angrily but then increasingly disoriented as they tried to figure out what was happening. With a bucket and gently sniping the branch the nest was attached to, she was able to slowly move the nest away.

Laura in full gear, smoking herself!