Saturday, November 28, 2009

NY Times Op Ed - Organic Farming

This is a wonderful piece by Maira Kalman about organic farming and urban living. Back to the Land

Visitors at Howl

Here is Chris and Gorgeous visiting Lynne last winter at Howl, Gorgeous has been a regular visitor and we miss her this Thanksgiving, Chris is planning to visit us again in December, I hope we have snow for her to go skiing

Summer at Howl

Wimmin enjoying the pond at Howl, alas it will be a few more months before we are out there swimming again

Winter at Howl

It is quiet today , blustery , waiting for the first big snow,,, the views open up so beautiful, seeing the expanse of the mountain ridges that are blocked by summer leaves...seeing snow right above us, the winds howling at night,,,the wood stove toasty warm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to Huntington Open Women's Land

This blog is for HOWL Collective Members and others to communicate and interact with each other regarding HOWL.