Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Great Barn Caper!

Thanks Laura Smith, Gwen Pokalo, Cynthia Feltch, Elissa Rose, Mary Katherine Studley, Jill Fahy, Jacquie Dragon, Susan Krajac, Ann Ross, Vanessa Riva, Alexis Claire, Kathy Hunter, Crow Cohen for the incredible job you all did getting the HOWL barn cleaned out. We took about 30 rugs, 20 old mattresses, cushions and bedding. We pulled out countless boxes of junk and old wood, windows, doors, cast iron wood stoves, sinks, tents, skis, sleds, washing machines, and one rose colored commode....Amazing work! Thanks to all who brought the delicious food (Cindy, Amethyst Peaslee)...what great work! I love you cats and I know I speak for the whole HOWL Collective in saying that we appreciate your love and commitment to HOWL.

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  1. Hi there! My daughter and I stayed at HOWL twice--2003 and again in 2005. Does Odyssey still live in the barn?