Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring has arrived!

Orioles, goldfinches, peepers, red-spotted newts chowing on frog eggs, big ol' bullfrogs in the pond...and of course, LAMBS! Things are hoppin' at HOWL.

Auntie Angy greets one of the spring lambs. Midwife Vanessa pulled off an impressive breach birth and Laura performed mouth-to-mouth to usher in the newest cuties to the flock.

Who knew bathtubs were so fascinating?

Spring fire prep. Auntie Angy gets into the action.

After a long winter, the Dreamdigger space in the barn is ready again for visitors.

Spring sunset at HOWL...

...Nightlife at HOWL. Yeehaw!

The Women's Resource Center at Marlboro College invited Crow and Anya to speak about HOWL. We had so much fun! We're hoping organizer Cora (far right) and others will visit.

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