Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland at HOWL

Winter has arrived at HOWL. After a tremendous windstorm (85+ mph winds for nearly 24 hours), nearly six days without power, and a two-foot snow storm, we are dug out enough from the storms to admire the beauty of winter. Next time you're thinking of coming up to HOWL, bring your skis or snowshoes!

Michio is captivated by a downy woodpecker feeding on suet.

Hmmm, guess we'd better put "improve attic insulation" on the to-do list. Sure makes for pretty icicles, though.

The chickens didn't bother venturing out into the snow from their squatter digs in the old sauna...

...while the storm encouraged Anya, Martha, Peggy, and Amalia to take to the Catamount Trail for a four hour dusk-return jaunt.

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