Thursday, January 29, 2015

HOWL has a new website!

This blog will remain as an historical archive of HOWL's web presence.  It will no longer be updated, because we have a brand-new, fully-expanded web presence at our new URL!  Check us out at  and update your bookmarks today!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Writing Workshop A Great Success

Saturday, October 25 saw a writing workshop at HOWL, led by Tanya Lyn Willard.
Both the poetry and prose sections were able to spend a good deal of time outside, enjoying the comfortably crisp temperatures under the clear, pure blue of a late-autumn Vermont sky.

Participants traded contact information for future camaraderie and support on writing projects.  The serenity of HOWL's 50 acres is an ideal atmosphere for creativity of all types.

HOWL's next adventure into creativity will be the Artist's Way workshop on November 15, led by Huntington artist and writer Holly McLoughlin.  Email today to reserve your spot!

HOWL is offering a facilitated ARTIST'S WAY WORKSHOP based on the book, The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron.
Facilitated by Holly McLoughlin, this workshop will help us release creative energy, uncover blocks and support one another in expressing our "artistic" selves authentically and with confidence. 
PLEASE RSVP to this email address.
Space limited to 15.  Only 4 spots remain as of October 25!
On Future Blog Updates

There are issues with Google (owner of Blogspot) in the transfer of admin privileges from one HOWL member to another on this blog.  This is a consequence of blogspot blogs being linked to Google profiles, and we are working to find a solution.  For now, please disregard all sidebar information on upcoming events and schedules.  Correct event and schedule information can be found in the updated posts (from October 2014 forward).
Community Discussion About the Future of HOWL

 Community Discussion about the future of HOWL at the FLETCHER FREE LIBRARY in Burlington
HOWL (Huntington Open Women's Land) will be hosting a community forum called HOWL IN THE 21st CENTURY.
Come learn about the amazing history of this unique women's land, and the remarkable women who founded it in the mid 1980's.
Generate new interest energy and ideas to inform future plans for HOWL.
Facilitated by Sue McCormack

Community spirit

Call Crow at 802-598-5868 for more information or email

(And while you're at, it would be wonderful if you could write me a little blurb about what HOWL means to you -- how it has touched you, inspired you, made you laugh ....  I'll compile your thoughts and present them at our gathering.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Upcoming Events at HOWL

Saturday, October 25:  Writing Workshop for Women, co-sponsored by HOWL and the Burlington Writers Workshop.  Poetry from 9am to noon and Prose from 1pm to 4pm.  Led by HOWL member Tanya Lyn Willard.

Friday, October 31 through Sunday, November 2:  Ritual space will be maintained for a full 48 hours for the celebration of Samhain, from 2pm Friday until 2pm Sunday.  Join us for the whole weekend or any part of the weekend. If we have enough fire tenders, we will keep a fire going for most of the time. This event is for witches and their allies to celebrate our high holy day Samhain, and to also honor our ancestors on the Day of the Dead, Honoring our witch ancestors who lost their lives during the Burning Times. Some previous knowledge of paganism, earth religions, and/or witchcraft appreciated. Collaborative planning is encouraged, this is a participatory event. Please present suggestions, questions or concerns prior to the event so we can stay in ceremonial space for the weekend. Although there is serious intention, there is always room for gaiety, perhaps we will ride our broomsticks through the fields. This is a great time for future visioning and divination personally, for our communities and Howl, and globally. Perhaps to set deeper the Climate Change march spell begun at the last turning of the seasonal wheel.
 Please bring pictures of those who have passed over, items for the altars, candles, warm clothes, sturdy boots, water, flashlights, divination tools, ritual attire if desired, musical instruments, food and monetary offerings for Howl.

 Sunday, November 9:  Howl in the 21st century discussion meeting at Fletcher Free Library.  Held from 2pm to 4pm.
Saturday, November 15:  Artist's Way workshop from 10am to 4pm, led by Huntington writer and artist Holly McLoughlin.  Only three spaces still open.  Email directly for more details.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ax Skills for Women at HOWL

Despite the rain today up on Crouching Lion Mountain, several of us hardy souls gather with Mary Murphy of Mountainsong Expeditions to learn basic Ax skills.

Mary covered topics such as ax types, ax handling safety, limbing, bucking, felling, splitting wood, ax blade sharpening, and ax handle replacement.

Some of us tested our skills at limbing, bucking, and splitting. And then we practiced sharpening our blades.

Then we all palavered over a delicious potluck next to the warmth of the wood stove.

Mary Murphy, Mountainsong Expeditions

Lani Ravin

Anya Schwartz

Vanessa & Lani

Sadie with hatchet

Laura bucks up log

Vanessa bucks up log

Laura splits wood

Mary Murphy, Mountainsong Expeditions